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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  September 4, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number. at 11. firefighters battled a massive building fire in san francisco's mission district. this is new video just into the newsroom. plumes of thick grey smoke billowed up into the sky and could be seen from miles away. crews are still on the scene tonight -- monitoring any hot spots. people in the area were evacuated. several people. including firefighters were hurt.
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good evening i'm pam moore. we have team coverage of the five alarm fire and its aftermath. first kron4's scott rates. shows us the damage left behind. perhaps clothing and suitcase and all sorts of knickknacks on the ground, that's all that's left on the ground here. from our helicopter partnership with abc seven nin's he conceived a flame shooting and all of the retail store. this forced more than a hundred people to evacuate the area. people living nearby grab of the cud and got out of the way. firefighters were able to control the flames.
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however dark clouds filled the air and toxic smoke. the firefighters advise the people to cover their faces with what ever they could find. the fire chief tells crown for. in 2013 we had a similar call to this. as evacuation's happen people are starting to carry back to their normal life. three people were injured two of those were firefighters one was a civilian. all three are expected to be ok.
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this was a very smoky fire. thick clouds of black -possibly toxic smoke. covered the streets. police had to clear the busy area of bystanders. to get them out of harm's way. shoppers and merchants were told to evacuate the nearby stores. continuing our team coverage. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in san francisco tonight. with more from the residents philippe. pam. the people who live here in the mission district say they're just thankful that the damage wasn't much worse. considering how congested it is out here with people and infrastructure. this is a woman we met as fire fighters were knocking the flames down. her name is alyssa arney. you can see fire crews out in front of her home on bartlett street at 22nd street. she's a public school teacher, who while in her classroom a few miles away. received a text message from
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her neighbor -- rebecca cervantes; the woman you'll see in a few seconds wearing a mask to keep the smoke out. rebecca told alyssa their building was close to catchng fire. they live direcly behind the store where the fire department says the fire started. so, alyssa rushed home. >> i was here when it started i was on my back porchboth women say they don't expect . it looks like a battle scene. there is this wave of smoke and debris and water. you couldn't see much of anything it was a real--sir
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real. was a very grim moment when i saw the fire. the firefighters did an amazing job. i was very thankful to the firefighters. i feel like they say their house from getting burned. to return to their homes until the weekend. because of how much smoke there was in the house. neither was injured. four news. in other big news. family and friends continue to mourn the loss of rashawn williams. the 14- year- old san francisco boy. who was a straight -a student and football player. was stabbed to death tuesday night in the mission district. kron 4 has learned -- another 14- year old boy is in custody death.
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police say, the crime does not appear to be random. we are told. the young suspect attended middle school with williams last year. two days after the 14-year-old's death. people continue to visit the makeshift memorial on folsom street. the location where the young boy was stabbed to death. and as kron4's charles clifford reports -- several of the teenager's friends. are still stunned that he is gone. >> here in san francisco's district they visited the vigil. it's clear that he was a very well liked young man. outside rubin's market at the corner of folsom and 26th street, dozens of people gathered to mourn the loss of 14-year-old rashawn williams. he was a loving really caring.... rashawn, who had just started high school, had previously attended middle school in the mission and many of his former classmates came tonight to pay their respects.
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rashawn was one of the best person's i ever know. he had this smile that was just like.. even if you were down.. he made you feel like nothing could bring you down. he made you happy. he made me want to be a better person. he was a very loving friend. he cared about everybody. as the small memorial of flowers and candle's grows on the spot where rashawn was fatally wounded, his friends can't believe that such a good kid is gone. a lot of people are taking it really hard. he was not a bad kid. he never did anything wrong. it wasn't his time. nobody want him to go. he was a fire to light our candle. in san francisco, charles clifford kron 4 news.
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the world loses a comedic icon people remembering joan rivers next.
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remembering joan rivers. the raucous. acid- tongued comedian. who crashed the male- dominated realm of comedy and late- night talk shows. rivers died after being hospitalized last week. daughter -- melissa rivers says, she passed away surrounded by family and close friends. hollywood shared their grief. al pacino"i knew her and i loved her and i, i don't know
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what to say. it's too shocking. butted to "there was no cutoff from joan's brain to her mouth. whatever she thought came out new york state health officials are now investigating the circumstances surrounding joan rivers' cardiac arrest. it happened in a doctor's office during a routine procedure. joan rivers was 81-years old. her funeral is set for sunday. coming up. new at eleven. the first and only scheduled debate between the two men who want to run the largest state in the nation. their scrappy exchanges. ahead. marijuana laced cookies. make school children sick. and sends one teenager to jail.
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in richmond. two students left unconscious. three others vomiting, after school officials say, a high school senior sold them cookies laced with marijuana. police say, the teens are students at de anza high school. they got sick around two- this afternoon. the unconscious students were taken to the hospital. the others were treated at the scene. the teen with the marijuana. was arrested on suspicion of child endangerment, and possessing and distributing drugs on a school campus.
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bart police are warning of an apparent trend in thefts of catalytic converters. at bart parking lots. earlier this week -- a bart rider reported the catalytic converter was stolen from his toyota 4-runner. that was parked at the north concord bart station. so far -- no arrests have been made. this just in. richmond police say they've arrested an attempted kidnapping suspect. it's a story we first reported last night. the suspect has been identified as joshua mann. police say a resident contacted authorites after seeing the photos of the suspect on the news. the aftermath of napa's magnitude-6 earthquake. is leading to a number of lessons which may make a difference in how people protect themselves ahead of the next quake. kron four's j.r. stone reports from one business near the epi- center. he talks with the owner whose structure was barely
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affected by the shaking. >> has one side of mince stream of napa according to the usgs downtown jos was hit hard but withstood the quake because of the retrofit. this $6,000 retrofit help save his business. really this was to buildings would together. and there to foundations beneath the buildings. this transmits the load. this let him create a place in the community for people to go.
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now usgs took measurements at hundred 15 different locations in that blood during this earthquake. one is a long time california politician - way ahead in the polls. the other - a long shot political newcomer. tonight - the first and only debate between the two candidates running for governor. incumbent democratic governor jerry brown. and his republican challenger neel kashkari. met in sacramento. former u-s treasury official kashkari. hit brown on a variety of issues. including his plan high speed rail, the plastic bag ban and an expected rise in gas prices due to a global warming law. there were some heated exchanges between the two. one exchange dealt with the court decision that ruled california's teacher tenure laws. unfairly hurt poor and minorty students. brown is appealing that decision. absolutely true."
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he should be ashamed of yourself governor >> brown criticized kashkari's role in the national bank - investment house bailout. tonight is the only debate scheduled for the two candidates it was a pretty warm day out there today we're sick expecting similar conditions tomorrow chevron has agreed to pay more by 11:00 tomorrow we should see sunshine as the fog has disbursed. among similar conditions will follow the days after.
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temperatures in southbridge tomorrow in the low 80s. '60s and '70s for the most part inside the day. similar conditions expected the next several days. the fog will not be too expensive. mayor jean quan explains to kron 4's haaziq madyun. why the plans. are gettnig closer to
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ends sunday. know better sleep with sleep number.
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the seahawks are the defending champions. and rogers was great but he ended up not getting much help. seattle wins 3616 against green bay. ray mcdonald just like yesterday skipped the warm-ups and stretching enabling him to avoid
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the media before joining his teammates for practice his uncertain meanwhile jim harbaugh and company got back to business they are a 5-point favorite over the cowboys in dallas sunday meanwhile jonathan martin has seen in damage to anthony davis. martin quit football money could not take a verbal boost in the miami dolphins locker room. he also received many other attacks. he could start this sunday.
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there is new sod in the new stadium. this is just days before the forty-niners home opener. raiders open sunday against the new york jets. >> i called my brother because he's played him seven times. we talked. i obviously pick his brain and took notes. >> is a solid guy. been married a couple years.
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there is a settlement between the raider x and the raiders. this was a class-action lawsuit this settled at $1.5 million. money will be paid to each rater at. bottom-line they will get at least a little self-respect.
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good night everybody think you!
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she's gone. the death of comic legend joan rivers. >> joan's last hours. >> her daughter melissa by her side to say her final good- byes. >> joan rivers, dead at 81. and bright at the museum. >> ready? [ screaming ] >> the video you haven't seen. >> and how dangerous are those school science experiments? then, the isis terror video. is there a "homeland" connection? plus did these lovers lure a young woman to her death? >> he pulled the rope over her neck and central ld her. >> the shocking courtroom face- off. >> i hate you. >> you're a cowardly and despicable person. then, she was engaged to elvis presley.


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